Twin Baby Furniture

Finding out you are having twins is a special surprise; you know immediately that your children will grow up with a special bond that most siblings will never experience. But finding out that you are pregnant with twins also may come with apprehension. Purchasing furniture for twins means that you will need to spend twice as much as parents of singletons. Here are a few tips for saving money on baby furniture for twins.

  • For the first few months (or even more if the twins are born premature), you could get by with a single crib that the twins sleep in together. A family member of mine gave birth to triplets and kept all three of them in the same crib for naps and at night. This encourages more peaceful sleeping and is akin to what the children experienced in the womb.
  • If you don’t immediately have the money or the space for two cribs, you could also consider a crib and a bassinet or a crib and a Moses basket. Both the bassinet and Moses basket are typically cheaper than any crib, and if naps are not synchronous, or if one child prefers the crib over the bassinet or vice versa, you have options for ensuring the best sleep possible.
  • Consider joining a group or co-op consisting of families of multiples. You can find great deals on here including twin baby furniture such as matching crib sets. Be careful when buying used twin baby furniture, though. Make sure that the furniture is in good working order and is JPMA-certified. Be particularly careful about old cribs that could be coated in lead paint or have slats that are spaced such that they become a strangulation hazard.
  • When you are buying baby furniture for twins, value should be one of your greatest priorities. Therefore, convertible baby furniture for twins can be a perfect choice, especially if your twins will be sharing a room as they grow. You could purchase two matching, convertible cribs that convert to matching twin beds along with two matching dressers. This would make for an absolutely gorgeous nursery that transitions into a toddler and young adult room with no additional purchases on your part. Just be sure if you are purchasing a convertible bed for twins that you  purchase the bed rails in advance; they often are not included in the crib price.

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