Toddler Furniture

So you purchased a nonconvertible crib set and now are looking for an entirely new toddler furniture set. Or maybe you used only a bassinet to save money and because you did not expect to use a crib very much for an infant. In any case, there are a few tips to keep in mind when you are shopping for toddler furniture.

  • Although your toddler might be very choosy about his or her furniture, resist the urge to purchase whatever they are most interested in at the moment. Toddlers can be extremely fickle, and an Elmo bed that they love on Tuesday can be the scariest bed even when it arrives at your house on Friday. It is better to go with a classic piece that reminds the child of their crib, which is associated with comfort and security.
  • Remember that the toddler furniture will only be functional for the child over a period of about 3 years. At that point, you will probably have to graduate them to full-sized furniture. That said, it is important to choose durable furniture that will not fall apart or injure your toddler when they are invariably jumping and playing on it.
  • Consider a used toddler furniture set if you can find a set that is a great deal and comes from a seller you trust. Toddler furniture constructed of hard wood and with good craftsmanship can last much longer than any toddler would use it.
  • If you can, it might be more cost effective to graduate to a twin bed than to purchase a toddler bed that will only be functional for about 2 or 3 years. Your child might be able to use a twin bed until they go off to college. Alternatively, you could even purchase a full bed set for a toddler, but you run the risk of them being too intimidated by such a large bed.
  • Finally, for toddler furniture, safety is key. Make sure the bed you purchase is low enough to the ground that a fall will not injure your child. Also consider using removable bed rails on either side of the bed. Make sure that the bed is not pushed up against a window, and be sure to lock all windows, but still allow for an adult to open them in case of a fire. Lastly, be sure that you anchor all toddler furniture to the wall if it could pose a tipping hazard.

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