Toddler Beds

There are lots of options for toddler beds, and the bed is the most important part of your toddler’s furniture set. As a parent, your job is to make sure that the toddler bed fits in the room, is perfectly safe, and is not something that your child would be afraid to sleep in.

  1. Make it fit. Measuring the length of walls in your toddler’s room is one of the most critical steps preceding the purchase of a new toddler bed. If you are looking to buy a standard toddler or twin bed, then you can be pretty confident of the dimensions and just make sure that it would fit comfortably in the room. However, if you are purchasing a unique model, then measurement is highly important. If you are purchasing a bunk bed, make sure that your ceiling height is adequate. Another great option for a toddler bed is a trundle, in case they have friends sleep over. But again, you need to make sure that you have floor clearance where the trundle bed would slide out.
  2. Make it safe. If you are not exclusively shopping online, go to the showroom and check out beds for floor height and stability. Make sure that the bed is not coated in toxic materials and is a brand you can trust and/or has shining online reviews. Consider purchasing bedrails even if the bed is low to the ground; these ward off any potential falls during the night. Bedrails also can be customized to the room, and can make your child feel a lot more cozy in their new bed.
  3. Make it comfortable. Moving from their much-loved crib to a new toddler bed can be daunting for children, especially those who are moving because they are too big and not because they climbed out of their crib or do not like it anymore. For the first few nights, it might be helpful to stay in the room until the child falls asleep. Also consider reusing some of the crib bedding, which can be reassuring to your child. Alternatively, repurpose the crib sheets, comforter, and other soft items as a quilt. If you do not consider yourself handy enough to make your own quilt, another company will do it for you. I also have heard of people sewing pieces of the crib bedding into a favorite doll or teddy. This can be very comforting to a child who is nervous to sleep in a new bed.

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