Sleigh Crib

I considered purchasing a convertible sleigh crib for my son because I absolutely love the curved look of them. In my experience, most sleigh cribs are convertible, meaning that they can be used as a toddler bed, a day bed, and a full-sized or twin bed. Therefore, all further discussion of a sleigh crib will assume it is a convertible model.

Here are some options for buying a sleigh crib.

  1. There are two configurations of sleigh cribs; one in which the curved portions correspond to the front and back walls of the crib, and one in which the curved portions make up the sides of the crib. When the former configuration is converted to an adult bed, it takes on a full size, and typically has a mission style because of the slats in the front and back of the crib. Alternatively, the back wall of the crib may be a solid piece of wood, with slats only in the front wall. This converts to a full size, fusion style of traditional and modern.

    When the latter crib configuration is converted into an adult bed, it takes on a twin size, and the sides of the crib because the headboard and footboard of the adult bed. This is less intuitive than the other configuration, but it allows for a full-on traditional styling because slats are not required for the side walls of the crib. In general, crib slats confer a universally mission-style effect on any adult beds.

  2. If you are looking for a sleigh crib that converts into a twin sized bed, make sure that it is not a drop side crib. These are considered very dangerous because many occurrences have been reported in which the sides drop unexpectedly. The sleigh cribs that convert to a full sized bed are virtually never drop side models.
  3. If you are buying a sleigh crib that is sold by a number of different retailers, make sure to read the online reviews for the crib. You might find that many customers complain about the same major problem, and you may even be tipped off to a product recall.
  4. If you are purchasing a used sleigh crib, try to find the same model online so you can keep a personal tab on any recalls that become available. If you are not the first owner of a crib, you typically cannot register it to be contacted with any recall information.

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