Modern Baby Cribs

If you are a lover of all things modern, then why not pass that down to your child with a modern baby crib? There are a host of modern baby cribs available today; many of them can be purchased in-store from Ikea in particular. Online, modern baby cribs abound. You can identify a modern-style crib by its sleek lines, simple design, and neutral color.


Modern baby cribs typically consist of a rectangular box design without a traditional headboard so that it can be arranged with either side facing forward or even in the middle of a room and still look great. Modern baby cribs fit standard crib mattresses and bedding.


Materials for modern cribs include wood and synthetic. I have seen modern baby cribs composed of a material that resembled melamine and seemed extremely durable. Often these cribs are styled in a dark color or stain so that they seep into the design of the rest of the nursery.

If you are interested in purchasing a modern type crib, my first recommendation would be to choose one that comes as a nursery set with a modern dresser and/or changer or to first choose the other pieces and then purchase a modern baby crib that complements it. This recommendation is based on the fact that modern cribs can clash with a lot of the older, more traditional furniture designs, and if you are not interested in purchasing an entire crib set, your nursery could look discordant.


A modern baby crib is a great choice because it is generally appealing to all and if you are not purchasing a convertible crib, you most likely would be able to resell it. Simply designed cribs also appear more elegant and child-friendly than larger, heavier, traditional cribs. Similarly, cribs that try to look very contemporary can end up feeling too “adult-like.” A modern crib therefore is a great choice.

The modern styling of some cribs has an additional advantage, it can look perfect in a boy’s room or a girl’s room. Too often, the highly detailed traditional cribs that cost upwards of $500 tend to look flowery and only seem appropriate for girls’ rooms. A modern crib could be a perfect buy for first-time parents hoping to eventually have boys and girls in their brood.

As with any style of crib, make sure that your choice is JPMA certified and is not associated with any recalls or excessively negative reviews. Also be sure to register your crib for future manufacturer’s alerts.

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