Kids Bed

The term kids bed typically refers to a toddler bed that is smaller than a twin size and still utilizes the same mattress that was used in the child’s crib. However, a kids bed also can be used to describe a twin bed or even a full sized bed that your child graduates to when he or she is too big for her crib.

Space savers

As a child,  I was the oldest of four and ended up sharing a bunk bed with my younger sister. This type of kids bed is classically popular and allows children to share a room but still have some privacy. Another great configuration of kids beds, if your children are sharing a room, is to place two twin beds in the room with three nightstands. One nightstand goes on either far end of the beds and one goes in between. This makes for a nicely organized kids room that allows each child to have their own space as well as a space to share. However, it requires a slightly larger room, whereas a bunk bed is a great space saver.

If your child will grow up with his or her own room, then space is less of an issue even if the room is small. You can opt for a twin bed or a day bed to save a lot of space, especially if you set the long end of the twin bed against a wall.


However, if you have purchased a 4-in-1 convertible crib, then your kids bed will ultimately be full-sized after he or she graduates from the toddler bed/day bed. This requires additional space, of course, that may not be completely obvious when the bed is originally configured as a small crib. When this is the case, it is best to only purchase a low set of drawers to double as a changing table and perhaps a corner bookcase or nightstand. More furniture than that can end up looking overdone, even if the room is large.

For a kids bed, some of the best things to include are bed rails so the child doesn’t fall out and fun bedding to help with the transition from crib to toddler bed. My son chose on his own to graduate to his kids bed when he climbed out of his crib. This came as a huge surprise to us, and we moved him to a full bed immediately.

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