Cradle Furniture

Rather than purchasing a large, bulky crib (or sometimes in addition to it), many families instead choose a baby cradle or a bassinet for their newborn. These furniture pieces have the benefit of motion; they typically come on rockers, which is very helpful for calming a colicky baby.

Moses basket

Alternatively, the Moses basket is a variation of cradle furniture that allows a parent to pick up and carry a sleeping baby without disturbing him or her. The Moses basket is typically a weaved furniture piece with two side handles and a small, thin interior mattress. It rests on a folding base, but could also be put on a sturdy table. These types of cradles are perfect for parents with other small children who want to be able to check on their newborns often.


The baby bassinet is also very useful for parents who are considering cosleeping. Unlike a cradle, a bassinet can be placed next to the parents’ bed for easy nursing or bottle feeding in the middle of the night. A bassinet kept in the parents room is a great idea because the child has the benefit of being close to his or her parents and listening to their calming breathing, without the danger of falling out of the bed or being rolled onto. At the same time, a bassinet can be carried into another room if needed, whereas a crib is much less movable.

Versatile sleeping

I love the idea of versatile sleeping arrangements for children, because working parents and parents of other children often find that they cannot keep a rigid schedule. Consider if you had a nice crib in the baby’s room for naps at home, a Moses basket in the kitchen for naps on the go, a baby cradle in the family room for naps while you’re busy with your other children, and a baby bassinet in your room for nighttime sleeping. True, this would be much more expensive than just buying the crib alone, but if you require more versatile sleeping arrangements, this type of situation could work for you.

Cradles are almost obsolete these days, and they are being replaced by motorized swings and chairs that do the same just as a cradle, but automatically. The motorized options are typically much more expensive, but they allow your child to be comforted without you needing to sit and rock him or her during the entire nap.

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