Convertible Highchairs and Full-Sized High Chairs

Once your infant reaches about 6 months, he or she will undoubtedly require a high chair for feeding purposes. I received a convertible high chair at my baby shower, which my son started using to eat rice cereal at 4 months. The high chair I received consisted of a solid base that attached with straps to a regular chair. This allowed us to save space, and the chair only cost about $30. Now that he is almost 2 years old, we have purchased a full-size, standalone high chair, but we continue to use his convertible one in restaurants or at family gatherings.

Using a convertible highchair

Small, compact highchairs that double as booster seats as your child grows older are a great choice for their first highchair. I felt that at only 4 months, my son did not have the trunk control to sit in a full-sized highchair. The convertible high chair was much smaller-scale, and I could sit next to him on the floor and feed him very easily. I think he found this chair less intimidating as well.

My favorite use of his convertible high chair has been at restaurants. It comes with two straps so that it can be securely attached to any sized dining chair. Not only does my son feel more comfortable eating at a foreign place with his own chair, but it also has a detachable tray so he does not need to eat directly from the restaurant table or tray that may be dirty.

Now that my son is older, however, the convertible high chair is starting to get tight on him. In addition, the ability to use it at a dinner chair has the drawback of not being able to use that chair to seat adult guests.

Using a full-sized highchair

I think it is more common for people to purchase full sized high chairs, and these are definitely preferred after your infant becomes a toddler. Our high chair came with a vinyl cushion, but I have since stopped using that. I have found that any high chair that comes with a fabric seat is disadvantageous because it will inevitably become filthy with food and it will be one more thing that needs to be laundered daily. My tip is to feed your child with an all-plastic high chair and keep it clean by wiping it with a soapy towel after every meal.

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