Cheap Baby Furniture

Trying to furnish a baby nursery on a budget can be daunting, but with the right tools for internet and store searching, you are sure to find discount baby furniture that fits your budget perfectly.

  1. Check furniture store ads constantly for any closeout sales. It might also be possible to purchase a floor model that has a few cosmetic flaws at a steep discount. The main items that you will need are a crib and a dresser; a rocker would be helpful for nighttime feedings, but it is not essential, and it might be possible to repurpose a rocker that you already own.
  2. Look for cheap baby furniture at big box stores like Big Lots, WalMart, Kmart, and Target. Any of these retailers sell discounted baby regularly, and you may come across a great deal on a discontinued model or a free shipping code for an online purchase. If you own a large vehicle, it is usually possible to have any furniture item shipped to the store for free and you can transport it home yourself. This is also a good choice because you can inspect the boxes in the store for any damage.
  3. Check places like Craigslist for cheap, used baby furniture. You might be able to find a nursery set that once was very expensive but is now extremely discounted because the seller has already used it for all of her children and now just wants to clear space. I have also found that you can very easily negotiate prices on furniture through Craigslist because many of the sellers already have new furniture, and they are looking to get the furniture sold as soon as possible.
  4. Make sure, above all, that you do not sacrifice quality and safety for a good deal. If you purchase discount baby furniture only to have to buy something else in a year because the original furniture has fallen apart, you’d end up spending more ultimately.
  5. Even though it is not the cheapest upfront cost, the best way to maximize your budget is to purchase convertible furniture so that you will never have to refurnish the nursery again. I chose this route with my son, and although the furniture I purchased was a bit more expensive than a nonconvertible crib set, I ultimately will have ended up spending much less than if I had purchased a crib, toddler bed, and full-sized bed separately.

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