Baby Storage Furniture

If you are expecting a baby, you can expect to receive loads of baby gifts in addition to all the baby items (diapers, wipes, bottles) that are necessities. To keep organized, baby storage furniture is absolutely essential. In addition to the normal storage furniture, dressers, chests of drawers, and a closet or armoire, it is also a good idea to have additional storage items like open shelving, fabric boxes, and clear plastic boxes.

Storing diapers

Whether you opt for a dedicated changing table or temporarily use a dresser to double as a changer, baby storage is important for retaining stacks of diapers, wipes, a trash can, and a wipe warmer, if you choose to buy one. I recommend purchasing a long and wide dresser on which you can put a plush changing pad with a rubber non-skid bottom. Next to that, some fabric boxes can be used to hold the diapers, wipes, cream, and powder. I recommend this over closed storage for the diaper area because during a changing, everything needs to be easily accessible so you can focus your attention on your child and prevent falls.

Storing clothes

Baby storage furniture for clothes is very important because you will go through many more loads of laundry than you can even imagine, and it is good to have a large stockpile of clothing so you don’t run out. At the minimum, you need a dresser to hold pajamas, burp blankets, socks, pants, and onesies. You could also hang up pants and shirts, but when your child is still a newborn, it is less practical to hang up all of their clothing. If the nursery does not have a built in closet, an armoire can work beautifully provided you add wall anchors to the back so that it doesn’t tip.

Storing toys

If you think that you’ll be able to retain all of your child’s toys in his or her nursery, you are probably in for a rude awakening. I know I was. Keeping toys in the main living area just makes more sense. As your child grows, you can keep them stimulated with different toys while you get cleaning, laundry, and dishes done in the meantime. A toy chest that looks like a seating area, such as a large storage ottoman that matches with your existing décor, is therefore a wonderful idea for baby storage furniture in the living room. You can keep all of their toys hidden away when necessary, but have them ready on hand when it’s time to play.

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