Baby Furniture Sets

During my pregnancy, I loved browsing baby furniture collections online. There are so many beautiful nursery sets out there, that it can be difficult to decide on a single baby furniture set. Here are some tips to get your started.

  • Measure the future nursery. Make sure you are not considering furniture that is too large for the room. Consider where the crib will go with relation to the dresser, changer, and rocker (if you are planning on purchasing all of those). If your child will grow up in the same room, determine whether a full or twin bed also would fit in the space given the other furniture.
  • Get inspired by looking at other completed nurseries. The room’s little touches will offset the baby furniture set you decide to purchase and will give the nursery personality. If you have never decorated a room from scratch before, look through websites and blogs (I love Project Nursery) to see why type of style you are most drawn to.
  • Decide on a baby furniture collection and then decorate around it. There are great little touches for your nursery that can be neutral or not, depending on whether you know the sex of the baby. Check out oversized vinyl wall decals to add a graphic element. Add cute framed art of the alphabet, numbers, or framed pages of your favorite children’s books.
  • Add soft touches. A plush, circular rug and/or lush curtains go a long way toward making a nursery feel comfortable. Because your crib should not have plush blankets or pillows, add softness elsewhere in the room that your child can use beyond infancy. Hang a quilt on the wall or hang a sparkling chandelier.
  • Offset your baby furniture collection with eclectic décor. Some of my favorite nurseries are the least matchy in terms of style and décor. If your baby furniture set is super modern, try a traditional light fixture. Alternatively, if you sprung for a traditional hardwood set, consider a mod shelf to display some of your old baby items and other contributions from family and friends. Some of the best nursery sets have looked like they were built by gathering items for decades.
  • Add a plant. Plants are a great addition to any nursery, and certain types (e.g., spider plants) filter the air of toxins such as formaldehyde and toluene that can be expelled from new materials (like carpeting). Adding plants also makes a room feel more vibrant and welcoming.

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