Baby Furniture Dresser

Aside from the crib, the baby dresser is possible the most important item in your nursery. As you are browsing through baby nursery sets, consider the dresser as a potential changing table, and later a place to display books and childhood items.

  • First and foremost, the dresser needs to be sturdy. If you are purchasing a baby furniture dresser that will only be used until you purchase toddler furniture, then this is less of an issue. However, most people choose a baby dresser that the child can use for their entire time at home. Make sure that the dresser is made with care, preferable of hardwood with tongue-and-groove drawer connections and two metal slides rather than a middle drawer slide that can be less stable. If you have the opportunity to see the piece in a showroom, open and close all of the drawers: do they wobble, or are any of them misaligned? You can assume that the product will look equal to or worse than the showroom item in a few years.
  • Make sure that the dresser has safety features such as the ability to be anchored to the wall, a wide enough flat surface to fit a changing pad (if you are not purchasing a dedicated changer), and nontoxic paint or stain. Check online for the same brand you are considering to see if there are any glaring negative reviews that you should be aware of.
  • Tiny baby furniture dressers abound in baby furniture stores and online. Check the dimensions of the dresser and opt for a larger dresser, if possible. As your child grows, their clothing will no longer fit in a tiny dresser, and a very short dresser could make for difficult changings because you would have to stoop to change the baby. Check what size of dresser is appropriate for your nursery and purchase the largest one you can afford.
  • If you do not yet know the sex of your baby, consider purchasing a baby dresser composed of solid wood and stained in cherry, cinnamon, or rubbed black finish. All of these colors are perfectly appropriate for boys or girls, whereas a white baby dresser is fine for babies of either sex but might not be appreciated by a young boy. Also test the finish in the storeroom by pressing your fingernail into it. If it is overly soft, be wary that it will chip and scratch excessively.

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