Baby Convertible Cribs

I am a huge proponent of convertible cribs for babies, and I’ll tell you why.

  • You can splurge on beautiful complementing furniture (dresser, chest of drawers, mirror, etc.) knowing that it will match the bed as long as your child lives at home.
  • When your child is ready for a toddler bed, just take off the front, and add the toddler bed rails. Keep the same mattress and bedding; you can even retain the bumper and just fold it in on itself in the front. No transitioning a worried child into a bed that is completely alien to them.
  • Purchase the full bed rails immediately upon buying the crib itself, and you’ll never have to buy bedroom furniture for your child again. (Other than a full mattress!) Alternatively, delay the purchase of the rails until needed around age 4 or 5.
  • Baby convertible cribs are the epitome of value and practicality. You buy it once, and you’re done. You don’t have to worry about storing or selling a no-longer-needed crib, only to buy a toddler bed and then a full-sized bed.

When I was pregnant with my now almost 2-year-old son, I came across some convertible cribs on a general furniture website. I thought they were a brilliant idea, and I was impressed that a crib that looked perfect for baby also could take on a mature silhouette as an adult bed. Now that I’m looking for crib sets for baby number 2, I’ve already decided without a doubt that I will be buying another convertible crib set.

These days, there are even more convertible cribs on the market than last time I was shopping for one. This goes to show that many people agree that baby convertible cribs are a great idea and allow parents to purchase beautiful furniture that they know will be used for years, even decades to come.

If you decide to purchase convertible cribs, you will be met with a great selection. There are tons of neutral styles that can be easily dressed up with the right bedding to perfect a girl’s nursery or a boy’s nursery. Moreover, even when your child moves out of the house, you can repurpose the room as a fully-furnished guest room. Alternatively, your child can bring the bedroom set to their first place; a comforting reminder of their past and a stunning adult bedroom set.

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