Baby Boy Furniture

As the proud mommy to a baby boy, I consider myself an expert in baby boy furniture. Throughout my pregnancy with my son, I scoured online and bricks-and-mortar stores for the perfect baby boy furniture that was elegant, long-lasting, and big on value. I was not trying to find the cheapest baby boy furniture there was, but we were very budget-conscious at the same time. I knew that we wanted furniture that would be nice enough and durable enough to last at least a couple decades.

My favorite baby boy furniture was found at JCPenney, although I have since found great furniture online and at Babies R Us. I wanted baby boy furniture with substance, so a rickety baby crib would not suffice. I ended up falling in love with convertible cribs, which look awesome in a nursery, but also have the versatility of looking perfect in a young adult’s room or in a guest room. We also didn’t have much storage space, so being able to use the same headboard and footboard while my son grows up was a big plus for me.

Saving some money

Baby boy furniture is a big purchase, and it sets the tone of a nursery. If you are into modern baby boy furniture, Ikea would be a great place to start, as you can purchase an inexpensive, modern crib that looks good with vintage or reclaimed other pieces (e.g., the dresser). Alternatively, if you are into the traditional look for your baby boy furniture, you could consider checking consignment shops for well-crafted cribs, although it would be best to call ahead because many consignment shops only sell cribs occasionally.

The bedding

Another major expense is the bedding to go along with your baby boy furniture. Many online and bricks-and-mortar shops will sell bedding as a set, typically providing two fitted sheets, a comforter, a diaper stacker, and a bumper. Depending on the retailer, such a 5 piece set could run you $280 or more. In my opinion, this is an exorbitant fee that I am not willing to pay. The baby boy bedding will only last as long as you keep the child in a crib or toddler bed, and many experts say bumpers do more harm than good. Therefore, to save money on baby boy furniture, I encourage people to purchase their bedding a la carte; starting with just a fitted sheet.

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