Baby Bedding

I have been extremely surprised to see how expensive baby bedding can be. A five or six-piece set of baby boy bedding, including two fitted sheets, a bed skirt, a bumper, a comforter, and a diaper stacker, can easily cost over $300. That money would better be put toward a safe and stylish crib and dresser.

The necessities

Keep in mind that a diaper stacker probably will not be functional because you will need diapers to be immediately accessible in case of a blowout emergency. I always keep diapers stacked in a fabric bin on my son’s changing table. As for the comforter, although it is usually cute and well coordinated with the rest of the baby bedding, all experts agree that a newborn should not have a comforter or pillows for safety reasons. Instead, spend the money on warm clothing and a bunting. Finally, the bumper has been garnering controversy over the past few years as well, because some have reported that it is a suffocation hazard. Originally, bumpers were meant to protect children from the hard slats of the crib, but these days, they are more of a fashion statement.

Buying a la carte

If you are willing to by baby bedding out of a set, you can get high quality items, even organic bedding, for less than the package price because you would be avoiding the things you don’t need. This is what I strongly suggest people do. I purchased plenty of fitted sheets, a thin, breathable bumper, and a crib skirt for about $50. And in fact, I ended up not needing the crib skirt.

When purchasing baby boy bedding, I highly recommend looking into dye-free and organic fabrics, which are known to be gentler on baby’s skin. These fabrics are often associated with less busy designs, but it’s my opinion that the simpler baby bedding looks more elegant. I would rather see a graphic wall print as a feature in a nursery. Keep in mind that even the fanciest baby boy bedding will be spit up on and will probably fade in the wash. Purchasing for safety and comfort rather than style is a good idea for newborn bedding.

If you do decide to purchase baby bedding a la carte, a great idea is to color block with complementing colors. This gives the impression of a coordinated set while still allowing for the savings of an individually purchased bedding ensemble.

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